Valiant Coffee | Local Artisan

"We're just two guys who work hard, work with integrity, and love what they do" - Eric Werner of Valiant Coffee Roasters

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to document a roasting company local to Sacramento do exactly what they do best - roast impecable coffee. 

On top of purchasing only top-grade beans, their process of small batch roasting sets the quality of their beans apart from other roasters.  The precision of weight in each batch allows ultimate control over the perfection of the final product we get to enjoy in each bag they produce. 

Their pride is most certainly found in the excellence of their product as well as the honesty and integrity going into each bag. Supporting quality, local, small business is something I will always stand behind, and luckily for YOU, my friend, they've recently made a customizable product subscription available to those interested in receiving freshly roasted 1/2 or 1 lb bags of coffee right to their door. You can find more info on their website


Chelsi Rapoza